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Understanding the core principles and practices of an ecological garden will help you rebuild your garden ecosystem, with its natural feedback loops that result in greater abundance, lower pest pressure, and natural disease resistance, and natural resilience to the erratic climatic conditions we live with today.  Learn a framework for understanding the garden ecosystem and how to restore the natural patterns and processes that make it thrive.  

This event is part of the Sustainable Landscapes and Integrated Pest Management Conference

About the Speaker

Jennie Cramer is an educator with Cornell Garden-Based Learning. She is an ecologist turned enthusiastic horticulture educator with 25 years of experience in organic gardening, regenerative agriculture, natural history and botanical education. She is especially fond of teaching students how to create a resilient, abundant, and beautiful garden ecosystem by applying ecological principles. 

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Betsy Lamb


Jennie Cramer , Cornell University School of Integrative Plant Science


New York State Integrated Pest Management

School of Integrative Plant Science

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