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Participants will tour the listed fields in the West Groton area before the meeting then bring questions and comments to the meeting at the Scheffler’s farm. Our focus will be on annual forages, small grains, soybeans, and corn, but welcome other crop questions as well. We will begin with a light lunch, so registration is required.
 After lunch, we will address topics such as:

  • Phil Stauderman has been growing sudan grass to feed his son’s dairy for a number of years. He will share how he handles the harvesting and storage of annual forages, and how he fits the crop into his extensive organic grain rotation.

  • Ed Scheffler grows winter wheat to sell for flour. He hopes to hear from the audience how to avoid the fluctuation in his soybean yields.

  • Matt Ryan with the Cornell Sustainable Cropping Systems Lab will be joining us to add to the discussion and share his experience and share what the lab will be working on for the upcoming year.

Event map with field locations
For assistance with registration, contact Donette Griffith at dg576 [at] (subject: Need%20help%20registering%20for%20Organic%20Dairy%20and%20Field%20Crop%20Day) or 607-391-2662.

For questions on this event, contact Fay Benson at afb3 [at]

Date & Time

July 27, 2021
12:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Farmers in field with cows

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Contact Information

Mr. Fay Benson

  • afb3 [at]


Mr. Matt Ryan, Cornell Sustainable Cropping Systems Lab

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