All online webinars and virtual workshops are worth Road Master credit based on the length of the session. 


Join us for a new, ongoing series of free foundational webinars focused on the important principles key to local highway agency operations and management. Focusing on why we do what we do - “Why do we put three signs in advance of a work zone?” each webinar offers a convenient way to learn the basics of a particular topic. Taken together, they cover the foundation of local highway issues.

Many webinars will be repeated yearly or every other year to give attendees the opportunity to attend the full series. Below is a listing of the current plan of webinars, or download a copy here. Our foundational webinars are held most Tuesdays in the late fall, winter, and summer from 9am to 10am EST. Click the topics below to register.

NYSLTAP-CLRP Foundational Webinars 

2022-2023 Topics

Pavement Management
Bridge Basics
Planning Process
Highway Law
Employee handbooks
Equipment (Heavy & Small)
Complete Streets and ADA
Erosion, Ditches, & Storm Sewers
Pavement Types & Materials
Asphalt (Hot, Warm, and Cold)

Shop Safety and PPE


Bumper Banter Facebook Livestream Sessions

Live Facebook video updates from NYSLTAP-CLRP Director David Orr every Monday at 9 am.

Webinar and Video Recordings

Video Shorts

Flagging Basics

Webinar Recordings

Training Videos