About the Conference

The 2024 conference is scheduled to be held on October 23 & 24, with the training sessions on October 22. The 2024 conference will be held in Albany.



Since 1994 we have collaborated with the New York State Department of Transportation Structures Division to present a conference about bridge issues for local governments.

The conference is guided by a Committee, to view the current membership please click here

Who should attend

This Conference is intended for county, city, town, and village highway officials in New York State who maintain and rehabilitate local bridges. Consultants, contractors, and suppliers are also welcome.

Bridge Conference Materials

A Steering Committee guides the conference format and program, meeting two or three times annually. The Conference is intended to actively foster partnerships between local agencies with bridge responsibility and the NYSDOT. Conference participants include NYS county, city, town, and village highway officials; representatives of state and federal agencies; and private sector personnel.

  • NYS LTAP Center - Cornell Local Roads Program
  • FHWA
  • NYS County Highway Superintendents' Association
  • Association for Bridge Construction & Design (ABCD), Western NY Chapter, Inc.
  • Association for Bridge Construction & Design (ABCD), Eastern NY Chapter, Inc.
  • ACEC, American Council of Engineering Companies

Past Bridge Conferences

Training Materials

  • Session 2 : Local Projects Manual

Presentations from the 2021 Bridge Conference (zip)

Bridge Conference Agenda (pdf)

NYSDOT Culvert Inspection Manual (pdf)


Training Materials

  • Session 1: AASHTO Elements - October 13-14 - 7.75 PDH
  • Session 2 : Local Projects Manual - October 15 - 4 PDH

2020 Bridge Conference Posters

Presentations from the 2020 Bridge Conference (zip)