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Stop NY Invasives

Highway crews around New York State regularly encounter invasive species. Knowing how to identify and handle these invasives can protect both you and our state’s environment. The Stop NY Invasives smartphone application can quickly give you this information where you need it. You’ll find data on the 30 invasive species that you are likely to encounter in New York State, including the best way to deal with species that can cause you harm.

Report your sightings to the EDDMapS and iMapInvasives invasive species databases with this app. By doing so, you will assist in the management of these invasives.

To get your copy, go to the Apple or Android app stores.

This material is based upon work that is supported by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, under award number Smith Lever 2014-15-204.

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Work Zone NYS

Setting up a work zone needs to be done according to New York State Department of Transportation standards and must be documented properly. The "Work Zone NYS" smartphone application will allow you to determine the proper signage and equipment needed to set up a work zone in New York State on 2-lane highways. It also allows users to make notes of unique site conditions and document the work zone setup.

Do you know how to set up a work zone? How about which signs to use and how many cones to take out to the site? Do this, and easily generate a daily traffic control plan, with the Work Zone NYS app. The app allows you to save details of your crew, fleet, and previous work zone set ups for future jobs.

Work Zone NYS lets you:

  • Easily develop a traffic control plan
  • Figure out what safety equipment you need
  • Generate and email daily reports for your records
  • Save information for future jobs
  • Have our Work Zone Pocket Guide always at your fingertips



Our Cornell Asset Management Program - Roads and Streets (CAMP-RS) software used for the Pavement Management Summer Intern Project is recently updated pavement management software. We helped develop CAMP-RS to provide an affordable and easy-to-use tool that can serve as a good basis for maintaining a roadway network.

The new software is provided as a courtesy to participants of the Summer Intern Project and is included in the $60 Training fee. The software is also available for purchase separately for $90.