Community Corners

These infographics were created to help the highway and DPW crews communicate effectively with the community on items of concern. Feel free to print these out and/or add them to your social media. If there is a particular topic you would like the NYS LTAP Center - Cornell Local Roads Program to cover, please email ael234 [at]
A picture of an Amish horse (brown) and buggy (black) on the road the background is a full of green trees

What do you do when you approach a slow-moving vehicle?

A picture of the backside of an orange snow plow, the background is a gray sky full on snow. The snowplow is spreading sand/salt

The inner workings of snowplows

A picture of a backhoe digging into a tree line creating a ditch in the background is a blue sky and trees without leaves

Approach with caution! We all have to share the road

A picture of a mailbox that is in the shape of a hammer

There are standards for mailboxes, do you know them?

A picture of a snowy road, the trees on the right side of the picture are covered in snow and ice with the field to the left is covered in alight dusting of snow

Slow down, and stay safe

A picture of a road with a guardrail on the right side preventing a car from going off the road to the left are green trees and a gray cloudy sky.

Do you know who to call if you see a problem on the road?

A picture of a gravel road with multiple large potholes

What's with all these potholes?

In this image, we see a woman wearing a reflective safety vest standing on the side of a road. She is holding up a bright red stop sign and her body is facing towards the camera. Behind her, we can see an open blue sky with some fluffy white clouds scattered throughout.

People's lives are in your hands!

A cartoon picture of a deer and moose standing in the woods

Reduce your chances of hitting a deer or moose!

A picture of a road with fall foliage on either side a yellow line down the center

Help explain what the Right of Way is to the traveling public

4 stick figures with thought bubbles above their heads, looking like they are having a conversation.

Feedback can be tricky. Learn a few tips to make it easier.

3 men in bright orange and yellow vest, standing on a dirt road behind a piece of surveying equipment.

The goal of a highway department is to create and maintain a safe, efficient, and reliable transportation network.

A stormwater management pond with some water in it along with green vegetation

The purpose of these ponds is to retain runoff, delaying its release reduce the peak flow caused by storms.