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The NYS LTAP Center - Cornell Local Roads Program provides training, technical assistance, and information to municipal officials and employees responsible for the maintenance, construction, and management of local highways and bridges in New York State. It is one of 52 Centers established under the Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) of the Federal Highway Administration.

Mission Statement

Improving the Quality and Safety of NYS Highways

The New York State Local Technical Assistance Program - Cornell Local Roads Program provides unbiased, timely and exceptional technical assistance and training to highway and public works departments across New York State to help improve the quality and safety of roads and streets. We support local communities through strong collaborations with partners that enhance the sustainability of local highway assets.

NYS LTAP Center Advisory Panel

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About LTAPs

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History of the NYSLTAP - Cornell Local Roads Program

The Cornell Local Roads Program's roots go back to the 1910s when in 1915 the Civil Engineering College (now School) at Cornell University held a Good Roads Week conference. The first School for Highway Superintendents was held in 1938, the second in 1940. A few years were skipped during the war, and then the School began annual meetings in 1947.

Today we are one of 52 Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) Centers established by the Federal Highway Administration. We are sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration and the New York State Department of Transportation, with additional funding provided by Cornell University, and participants' training fees. We provide training and technical assistance to local highway and public works officials in New York State.

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An interview with the Cornell Local Roads Program's first leader

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