2022 Work Zone Package

Even More Work Zone Packages!
We are excited to announce our 7th Work Zone Package grant to purchase sets of work zone equipment for distribution at no charge to highway and public works departments in New York State. Starting in 2009, we have received grants from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee (GTSC) to purchase over 65 sets of work zone equipment. This year’s grant is from the GTSC and will allow us to purchase 25 more sets of equipment!

All highway and public works departments are eligible to request a package, but the priority will be given to those agencies that recently lost equipment due to a flood, fire, theft, or other unforeseen circumstance. 

  • 2 - ANSI Class II vest (Lime green & XL)
  • 2 - Whistles with lanyard (pealess whistle for all-weather use) 
  • 2 - Hard Hat
  • 2 - 18" Stop-slow paddles
  • 6 - 36" roll-up signs:
    • Legends for roll-up signs
      • 2 - Road Work Ahead
      • 2 - One Lane Road Ahead
      • 2 -Flagger Symbol
  • 6 - Sign stands
  • 20 - 28" cones with stripes
  • 2 - Work Zone Pocket Guides
  • 2 - Flagger Pocket Guides

The materials in each package are listed above. The roll-up signs and stands allow for flexibility in different work zone situations. The purchase price for each set is around $2,000, so even if you are not a recipient of one of these free packages, you can still buy the equipment at a very reasonable cost. 

If you are interested in one of these packages for your agency, especially if you have recently lost equipment, contact us by fax, email, or letter. Please fill out the form by visiting: 


We will collect requests until the end of September and announce the winners in the next issue of Nuggets & Nibbles this fall. Packages will be ordered and delivered over the winter. 

Those agencies who receive a package will be expected to attend the next NYSLTAP - CLRP Work Zone Traffic Control workshop held in their part of New York State. Two employees from each agency may attend for free. Details regarding registration, etc., will be provided to the selected agencies.