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Christmas Trees FRU

We will be holding a field day to show off our new tree establishment project - as well as our previous habitat project - on Friday, August 12, 2022 from 5:00pm - 7:30pm at the Fruit and Vegetable Research Farm, 1097 County Route 4, Geneva, NY 14456.

We are instituting a pay what you can system to make it possible for everyone to attend.  If the subsidized rate poses a barrier, please contact Betsy Lamb at eml38 [at]  $25 covers the cost of the meeting but if you wish to subsidize someone who can’t pay that, you can pay more. 

Here is the link to pay by credit card

Here is the link to pay by check or Cornell account #

  • This event is outdoors and current Cornell COVID protocols will be followed
  • 2 DEC pesticide recertification credits available for categories 1a, 3a, and 25
  • A light supper will be provided.
  • Funds for this project were provided by the Toward Sustainability Fund, NYS Dept of Ag and Markets, and the National Institute of Food and Ag 

5:00     Check in

5:30     Introductions and intro to the projects

5:45     Alternative weed management systems - Dr. Bryan Brown (20 minutes)

6:15     Herbicides for weed management - Dr. Lynn Sosnoskie (20 minutes)

6:45     Biopesticides for Christmas tree root diseases  - Dr. Amara Dunn (20 minutes)

7:05     General discussion, walking the fields, comments on projects

7:30     Safe travels home

Alternative weed management systems

Dr. Bryan Brown – Extension Associate, NYS IPM

This presentation will provide an overview of non-chemical weed management tactics, with particular attention on those demonstrated in this trial – mowing, cultivation, and mulching. He will also highlight some of the biological and ecological concepts at work, such as crop competition, weed seed germination cues, and differences between weed species."

Herbicides for weed management

Dr. Lynn Sosnoskie – Assistant Professor, Horticulture Section, Cornell University

Dr. Sosnoskie will describe the currently registered herbicides available for use in Christmas trees with respect to mode of action and target weed species and will also discuss the environmental, application, and biological factors that can influence herbicide success and failure, as well as strategies to identify and manage herbicide resistant weeds.

Biopesticides for Christmas tree root diseases

Dr. Amara Dunn, Extension Associate, NYS IPM

This talk will cover results from the first year and a half of work on biopesticides for Christmas tree root diseases. This will include tree survival and growth (in our 2021 planting) and preliminary data on tree survival (in our 2021 planting). We will also discuss the modes of action of two biopesticides for managing Phytophthora root rot of Christmas trees and other practical considerations for using them (e.g., compatibility with other products, shelf life and storage, application logistics).

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Contact Information

Dr. Betsy Lamb

  • eml38 [at]

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