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New strategy IDs infertility-causing genes

Aug 4, 2015
Cornell researchers have developed an experimental strategy to identify infertility-causing mutations found in human populations, with implications for diagnoses and treatments. Read more

New discovery sheds light on research tool

Jul 15, 2015
Cornell researchers have found that when a green fluorescent protein (GFP) is exposed to specific wavelengths of laser light, it turns red. The discovery has potential for researchers studying cell organelles and proteins. Read more

Royall Moore's passion for fungi funds students

Jun 17, 2015
Former post-doctoral researcher Royall Tyler Moore bequeathed nearly $500,000 to Cornell, which will be administered by the School of Integrated Plant Science in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Read more

Saving puffins and 'King Penguin,' too

Jun 10, 2015
Project Puffin founder Steve Kress, Ph.D. '72, writes a scientific memoir of how he and a dedicated band of seabird-fostering conservationists brought Fratercula arctica back to Maine’s barren, offshore islands. Read more