Stefan Einarson Wins the CALS Core Value Staff Award for Innovation

November 16, 2016

Dean Kathryn J. Boor and Stefan Einarson

On Monday, Nov. 7, Dean Kathryn J. Boor presented Stefan Einarson with the Core Value Staff Award for Innovation. Einarson is the director of transnational learning and head of information technology in CALS International Programs. He works with agricultural research systems in developing countries where scientists work in facilities where internet and electricity are obstacles. In Asia and Africa, he has partnered with various telecom providers about the availability of high bandwidth, line-of-sight methodologies, solving connectivity issues at low cost. In India and Africa, he contributes to e-learning and mobile solutions to advance curricula and provide solutions to real world problems. Einarson has substantially increased the bandwidth for data, voice, and video in these remote sites.

He was instrumental in the National Crops Resources Research Institute (NaCRRI) in Uganda, where their technology started off with the equivalent of 1980s-era capabilities. Einarson enabled NaCRRI to construct a tower, which helped scientists there do voice-over internet protocol (IP), video-over IP, move large data sets back and forth, and reliably get their own email. He was also able to improve access and bandwidth capabilities at remote agricultural experiment stations for the Durable Rust Resistance in Wheat project taking place in Ethiopia. His work expanded the higher bandwidth he’d achieved to their entire organization, allowing pathologists and wheat breeders around the world to partner with the scientists in Ethiopia.

The Award for Innovation is presented to a person who sees challenges as possibility and opportunity for progress. This person routinely looks for advancements in processes, products, technologies, and ideas, and demonstrates innovative and informed risk-taking.

Einarson joined 12 other CALS faculty and staff who received awards that night in different categories that highlighted the best and brightest of CALS. Learn more about the winners here.