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By Katie Baildon

This summer 4-H camp leaders across New York State found themselves with a difficult task: preserve the camp spirit while following COVID-19 health and safety requirements. They rose to the task with unusual, engaging, fun and creative projects and activities for children and whole families! Listen in for an inspiring conversation on the "Extension Out Loud" podcast about how 4-H camps adapted during this unconventional camp season. Download the episode transcript here

Episode guests include:

  • Amy Pyra, 4-H community educator with 4-H Camp Beechwood in Wayne County
  • Corrine Tompkins, camp director for 4-H Camp Shankituk in Delaware County 
  • Sabrina Derue, 4-H program manager and director of 4-H Camp Wabasso in Jefferson County
  • Shawn Tiede, New York State 4-H camp specialist

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