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Spring 2018: A New Lens on Health

What does it mean to be healthy? It’s more than just our physical well-being: Health is critical to our environment, our food, our economy and ecosystems. A range of issues propel our researchers and inform novel approaches to improving health. From using virtual reality for addressing chronic pain to examining what tree swallows can teach us about stress, our scientists look for answers in unlikely places. But whatever their methods, they all share one overarching goal: to boost the well-being of people and communities near and far.

Fall 2017: From Vision to Vintage

For decades, our researchers have been transforming how grapes are bred and grown as well as how wine is crafted. That work continues today as we address the unique challenges and issues of our time—from managing pests and disease in a changing climate to exploring the science of taste in a world of rapid technological advancement.

Spring 2017: Breaking New Ground – The Urban Issue

This issue of periodiCALS highlights the wide-ranging impact and interconnectivity that Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) has in New York City. From farmsteads to city rooftops to our finest restaurants, CALS has been driving the evolution of food and agriculture for more than a hundred years.

Fall 2016: Charting New York's Milky Way

From its humble roots in a ten-cow herd in 1873, Cornell dairy research is leading change in the New York dairy industry. In this issue of periodiCALS, you’ll meet faculty helping to implement Fitbit-like sensors, genetic screening of milk, and crop-monitoring drones on dairy farms across the state. You’ll also meet outstanding members of the CALS community, from student entrepreneurs and trailblazing faculty to alumni making their mark through public service.

Spring 2016: Odysseys of Discovery

In this issue of periodiCALS, you’ll meet faculty using robotics, genetics and engineering to promote sustainable fisheries and researchers taking their skills on the road to help communities from Santorini to São Paulo. You can travel to sea lion colonies on the beaches of Patagonia with ecology students and enjoy a tour closer to home as seniors reveal their favorite spots on campus.

Fall 2015

In this issue of periodiCALS, you’ll meet life sciences faculty who are moving us toward more sustainable bioenergy systems as well as social scientists finding new ways to give public health a big boost. You can also journey underground for a glimpse of subterranean science or travel with trailblazing students in new study abroad programs in Latin America.

Summer 2015

Summer takes many CALS students out of the classroom and into the world, where a different kind of learning awaits. This summer, internships gave students a ticket to travel from Ithaca to villages in India, a wildlife veterinary clinic in Africa, the shores of Onondaga Lake, and a New York City fashion house. Learn more about their stories and the kind of education that occurs when students hit the road in this special online only issue of periodiCALS.

Spring 2015

The latest issue of periodiCALS explores collaborations, big ideas, and leadership styles through the voices and experiences of our faculty, students, and alumni. These stories and photos showcase our innovative research, education, and outreach across food and energy systems, life sciences, environmental sciences, and social sciences. And as our Sesquicentennial gears up for Charter Day Weekend, visit our web exclusives to add your voice to the celebration by sharing your memories of CALS and Cornell.

Fall 2014

2015 is a milestone in Cornell’s history, marking 150 years of education, discovery and service. In this issue, we join in the celebration of Cornell’s Sesquicentennial with a nod to our past and an appreciation of the evolving definition of the land grant mission today. In this issue you can get acquainted with our roots, from building namesakes to notable discoveries by the CALS community since the college was founded. You will also meet researchers like Minglin Ma and Ruth Ley, whose innovative approaches are shedding light on potential causes of and cures for diabetes, and hear the voices of CALS scientists engaged in the global dialogue on genetically modified organisms. Read on to learn how change is afoot on campus, from the new School of Integrative Plant Science to the upcoming renovation of the Ag Quad.

Summer 2014

“No more pencils, no more books” may have held true for many CALS students this summer, but that didn’t mean they took a vacation from education. Learn more about their stories of the kind of learning that occurs outside of the classroom or lecture hall in this special online only issue of periodiCALS.

Spring 2014

Times change and we with time are changed. At the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, we have been embracing change and the opportunities it presents, in bold and exciting ways. In this issue of periodiCALS, you will meet individuals like Shorna Allred and Angela Gonzales, who are molding minds in classrooms and communities through innovative and inclusive teaching, and Michael Gore and Prabhu Pingali, who are exploring radical new scientific and social solutions to global poverty and malnutrition. You will also be introduced to some of our superstar students, who are leaving their Big Red paw prints from Ithaca to Indonesia in pursuit of their academic and personal passions, as well as accomplished alumni who are blazing new trails in their respective fields.

Fall 2013

Engaging with stakeholders and communities is as much a part of who we are at CALS as the research we conduct and the education we provide. CALS means business, and by equipping students and community members with the skills they need to lead and succeed, the college is making a lifetime investment for New York. In this issue of periodiCALS, we chart the return on that investment, both for the people of New York and the university. We also explore how the college is helping to put New York on the foodie map, and share some unique recipes as an online exclusive. Plus, meet some entrepreneurial students and alumni, and learn how CALS researchers are addressing challenges facing society from different, yet synergistic, viewpoints in a fun photo feature.

Summer 2013

School may have been out for summer, but for many students from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the learning continued—in some amazing and transformative ways. They conducted research, participated in internships and traveled to all corners of the globe. Read all about their adventures in this special online only issue of periodiCALS magazine.

Spring 2013

In this issue of periodiCALS, we explore the work of the college's scientists advancing our fundamental understanding of the mechanisms that regulate life and underpin the natural world around us. From the molecular mechanics of that most basic of building blocks, DNA, to the patois of patterns in evolution and communication, these intrepid explorers provide the foundation for innovation and practical problem-solving, using both traditional and state-of-the-art tools. Plus, meet the people behind some of CALS' incredible research collections, as well as innovative alumni.

Fall 2012

periodiCALS celebrates 150 years of the land grant university system by exploring the evolution of the land grant mission in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences: from rural furrows to urban boroughs, from local focus to global vision. Plus, get to know the college’s most recent faculty hires--the next generation of CALS pioneers who will carry on and continue to transform the land grant mission long into the future.

Spring 2012

In this issue, we explore if it’s possible to “win the food fight” against global hunger. The world population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050. But with 1 billion hungry people on Earth today, how will we feed 9 billion? Find out how CALS faculty and students are developing solutions, starting in our own backyard. Also, meet some of our outstanding seniors and Olympian alumni, and read more about the latest happenings on and off campus, in the newly named and freshly redesigned college magazine, periodiCALS.

Fall 2011

From beautiful bugs to beast behavior, CALS scientists are gleaning knowledge about the human condition from the animal kingdom and cataloguing and sharing knowledge about some of our newest entomological neighbors. Also, find out how CALS is helping New York prepare for climate change and New York City improve livability and sustainability.

Spring 2011

From remote Himalayan outposts to Ithaca greenhouses, CALS researchers are finding innovative ways to engage global communities, adapt new technologies, address climate change, and unravel the mysteries of cancer.

Fall 2010

Feature stories: Living Waters; Biochar: An Ancient Solution for a Modern Problem; Genomic Explorers Go Deep into Plants; Concerns Ignite about Drilling Deep for Gas

Spring 2010

Feature stories: Going for Global Gains; SMART Listeners; The Fantastic World of Plants; Feeding Hungry Minds

Fall 2009

Feature stories: Mind Your Peas and Cues; Feeding an Empire State; Biofortified Crops to the Rescue; Outstanding Alumni Awards

Spring 2009

Feature stories: The Complex World of Water; CALS Fights for Urban Welfare; CSI: CALS Detectives Identify Lurking Killers; CALS Expands Horizons in NY Communities

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