Leak Cook Wins the CALS Core Value Staff Award for Job Skills

November 16, 2016

Dean Kathryn J. Boor and Leah Cynara Cook

On Monday, Nov. 7, Dean Kathryn J. Boor presented Leah Cook with the Core Value Staff Award for Job Skills. Cook is the assistant to the SIPS director and coordinator of the plant sciences major. She joined the Cornell plant sciences community in 2010 as the chair’s assistant in the department of horticulture. When horticulture joined four other departments in June 2014 to become sections in SIPS, Cook was recruited into her dual role, and helped launch SIPS and revamp the plant sciences major. She played a leading role in the merger, working with multiple groups to develop a mailing list as well as a useful suite of web resources for plant sciences undergraduate students.

In addition, she serves as a member of the SIPS Communications and Logistics Committee, has accomplished a survey of all PIs and lab managers, provided high-level editorial advice, organized various events, and developed a system for peer review of teaching that has served as a model within CALS. Cook is also working toward a Ph.D. in classics.

The Job Skills Award is presented to a staff member who demonstrates competence in the tools, equipment, software, and technologies to effectively complete job tasks. Candidates for the Job Skills Award maintain professional certifications and licensing, and seek education to help them remain on the cutting edge of their fields. They use good judgment and best practices to support decisions and deliverables.

Cook joined 12 other CALS faculty and staff who received awards that night in different categories that highlighted the best and brightest of CALS. Learn more about the winners here.