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  • Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management

This Perspectives in International Development Seminar Series features a broad range of researchers and development practitioners presenting the latest findings on contemporary issues relating to sustainable development throughout the world. 

Seminars are held on Wednesdays from 12:40–1:30 pm eastern time on Zoom

The seminar series is open to all students and faculty and is co-sponsored by the Department of Global Development, the Department of Natural Resources, the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, and the School of Integrative Plant Science. 

The seminar facilitators are Louise Buck, Department of Natural Resources; Ed Mabaya, Department of Global Development; and Terry Tucker, Department of Global Development.

  • September 9: From Sustainable Forest Management to Forest Landscape Restoration:  Analysis of Two Participatory Approaches. Carol Colfer, Adjunct Professor, Cornell Southeast Asia Program 
  • September 16: Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA): Why is it needed in developing countries? John Recha, Participatory Action Research Specialist, CGIAR Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)
  • September 23: Scaling-up Agroforestry to Transform Landscapes: Examples from Ecuador. Louise Buck – Senior Extension Associate, Department of Natural Resources and Program Lead, Collaborative Management, EcoAgriculture Partners
  • September 30: Incorporating Stakeholder Input in the Development of Croatia’s National Agricultural and Rural Development Strategy, 2020-2030. David Lee, Professor, Dyson School and Global Development; Philip Van der Celen & Svetlana Edmeades, World Bank; Nikša Tkalec, Assistant to Minister of Agriculture of Croatia at Special Committee on Agriculture, European Union
  • October 7: Integrated Innovation System Programs: a no regret investment for a +Covid world? Bram Govaerts, Interim Deputy Director General, Director of the Integrated Development Program, Representative for the Americas and Mexico Country Representative, CIMMYT. AD White Professor at Large – Cornell University
  • October 28: Modernizing Agricultural Water Management in Tamil Nadu State, India. Vibhu Nayer, IAS Officer and Project Director, Tamil Nadu Irrigated Agriculture Modernization and Water Resources Management Project.  Government of Tamil Nadu, India
  • November 4: Large-scale renewable energy in New York: issues of governance, community participation, and benefit sharing. David Kay, Senior Extension Associate, Department of Global Development, Cornell
  • November 11: Getting Improved Seed to Smallholder Farmers: Findings from The African Seed Access Index. Ed Mabaya, Senior Research Associate, Department of Global Development, Cornell
  • December 2: Gender Equity & Social Inclusion among Community Forest User Groups in Nepal. Leala Rosen, Program Officer, Conservation Leadership Programme at the Wildlife Conservation Society  
  • December 9: Building resilient and sustainable food systems - Perspectives from the Africa Development Bank. Andrew Mude, Division Manager, African Development Bank  

For additional questions, contact course teaching assistant Khusel Avirmed at ta346 [at]

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