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By J. Edward Anthony
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Is social media getting us to work more for less? Brooke Erin Duffy examines digital platforms and labor.

Stories abound of so-called social media influencers who earn thousands of dollars for a single post. The New York Times reported in July 2019 that the YouTube star du jour, Emma Chamberlain, made as much as $2 million a year from her videos alone. Being a social media influencer is glamourous, and it seems that anyone can do it—not just teenagers. Recent college grads, aspiring entrepreneurs, and work-at-home mothers have amassed huge followings and garnered advertising deals through their social media personas.

Read the full article published by Cornell Research.

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Field Note

Catherine Andreadis ’22 is a recent graduate and former Science Communications Assistant for the Cornell CALS Department of Animal Science. She is off to an exciting start with a career in STEM, pursuing a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences at the University of Notre Dame. Prior to her graduation, we sat down with Catherine to learn about her experiences in the role and future pursuits.
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