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If you are a member of the media seeking to contact a CALS faculty, staff or student, please contact:

Samara Sit
Associate Dean, Marketing and Communications
(607) 254-5137 |


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The success of our news feed and e-newsletter, CALS Field Notes, relies on content that represents as many of the diverse facets of CALS as possible. The college is awash in amazing stories and inspiring breakthroughs, and we want to promote and celebrate that. If you would like to submit an item for our newsletter, please review the guidelines below before completing the form.

Cornell Employees: You must be logged in to view and submit this form. Alumni or external parties should send story ideas to for consideration. 

CALS Field Notes Submission Guidelines

CALS Field Notes goes out via email every other Thursday. Currently, we welcome content submissions from CALS faculty and staff. Please submit your news item by the Thursday before for potential inclusion in the newsletter. Submissions received after the deadline will be considered for a future issue, if appropriate.

The following characteristics provide guidelines for content that will engage our readers — CALS faculty and staff — and it is with these criteria in mind that we curate and select the content for our bi-weekly newsletter.

News Stories

The CALS Office of Marketing and Communications regularly produces news stories on behalf of the college. These stories:

  • Represent the breadth and depth of CALS academic and program areas
  • Are timely
  • Show our impact as a college
  • Are relevant and accessible to CALS faculty and staff

Announcements and Kudos

Features CALS and/or CALS-affiliated faculty and staff, including:

  • Fellowships
  • Awards
  • Staff and faculty recognition
  • Relevant news and information helpful for CALS faculty and staff


  • Have broad appeal or subject-matter relevance to CALS faculty and staff
  • Need to first be posted to the Cornell University online events calendar or have a dedicated webpage for consideration

Events that are submitted by the deadline and meet the criteria above will run at least once in the issue prior to the event date. If you would like your event to be featured more than once, you must submit the event at least 4 weeks in advance and include your request in the “additional information” area of the submission form. We will try to honor these requests; however, please note the inclusion of submitted events more than once is subject to space availability.

In the Media

  • Features CALS and/or CALS-affiliated faculty and staff
  • Represents the breadth and depth of CALS academic and program areas
  • Appears in high-value external media outlets
  • Provides access to the full article (content cannot be behind a paywall)

For More...

Alternatively, you may email with your name, email, phone number and story or news item. Please contact us at the same address with questions regarding these guidelines.

The Office of Marketing and Communications captures all external media placements and posts them daily on the media section of the CALS website. Visit our news feed for a full listing of CALS news and announcements.