Bradfield Hall Goes Green to Honor Veterans

Bradfield Hall lit up in green on Nov. 5. Credit: Matt Hayes / CALS

Cornell’s tallest building is now shining green in support of veterans.

Green LED lights were installed in Bradfield Hall Nov. 4 as the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) joined a national campaign to show support and appreciation for veterans.

The display is all the more remarkable for the near-windowless facade of the 11-story structure. Four light fixtures illuminated in each of the nine lounge areas on the building’s south side overlooking Tower Road create a glowing column of green light visible across campus.

“It feels incredibly empowering to see a beacon of support standing proud for all the servicemen and servicewomen of our country,” said David Cox ’17, a member of the Cornell Undergraduate Veterans Association. “When I see the green lights shining brightly, I have a renewed sense of hope and appreciation for my time at Cornell and feel like a valued member of our diverse community.”

Bradfield is not the only building on campus taking part in the campaign: CALS Dean Kathryn Boor is illuminating three green lights in her Roberts Hall office, and McGraw Tower will be lit on Friday.

“We are proud to have Bradfield Hall join iconic McGraw Tower in this national effort recognizing and honoring the service of veteran students, alumni and faculty,” Boor said. “We are honored to play a part in serving those who have served our country, be they in CALS or throughout our community and country.”

Bradfield will remain lit through Nov. 18.