Andrea Stevenson Won

November 8, 2016

Andrea Stevenson Won
Andrea Stevenson Won

Andrea Stevenson Won, assistant professor, communication
Academic focus: embodiment in virtual and augmented/mixed reality
Previous positions: doctoral candidate at Stanford University
Academic background: BFA, sculpture, University of Kansas, 1996; M.S., biomedical visualization, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2005; Ph.D., communication, Stanford University, 2016
Last book read: “The Dark Forest” by Cixin Liu
In her own time: being outside with my family and dog, or ignoring them by reading science fiction
Current research project(s):  Clinical use of virtual reality to address pain, tracking movements in virtual interactions to improve collaboration and learning
What most excites you about Cornell:  Besides the great research and teaching opportunities, I love Cornell’s relationship to the surrounding area, both in the small-town living and its connection to the agricultural landscape of New York.