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Michał Matejczuk named a 2019-20 Luce Scholar

Michał Matejczuk
February 26, 2019
Graduate student Michał Matejczuk has been named a Luce Scholar by the Henry Luce Foundation and will spend a year working in Asia starting this summer.

Cassava experts gather to champion ‘orphan crop’

Chiedozie Egesi and Ronnie Coffman examine a field of cassava
February 25, 2019
Cassava hasn't received the scientific attention of cash crops such as wheat, but the seventh annual meeting of NextGen Cassava hopes to draw attention to the sub-Saharan Africa dietary staple.

LEAD NY develops leaders in state’s ag community

Jenny Crist Kohn and her brother, Joel Crist '10, transport apples grown at their family orchard in Walden, New York.
February 18, 2019
LEAD NY, in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, helps professionals in the food, agricultural and natural resource industries develop critical leadership skills. 

Mahowald to Congress: Act now to arrest climate change

February 14, 2019
Cornell professor Natalie Mahowald offered straightforward and hopeful testimony on Earth’s warming atmosphere Feb. 13 in a three-hour hearing on climate change before the House Science, Space and Technology Committee.

A fresh look at China’s energy policy shows mixed results

Shanghai skyline
February 14, 2019
Cornell researchers and their colleagues have created a new, comprehensive data set of China’s 2,656 energy-related policies operating in 30 provinces – and found they cancel each other out when it comes to energy consumption.

NY’s ag economy faces low profits, big risks

Jennifer Ifft, assistant professor of applied economics and management.
February 12, 2019
The outlook for New York state’s farm economy is steady, with farm incomes likely to remain relatively low for a second straight year, according to Jennifer Ifft, assistant professor of applied economics and management.

Cornell creates multicollege Center for Immunology

Gary Koretzky ’78, a rheumatologist, immunologist and Cornell’s vice provost for academic integration,
February 11, 2019
Building on Cornell’s decades of fundamental and comparative research in the immunological sciences, Provost Michael Kotlikoff has announced the creation of a new Cornell Center for Immunology.

Extension podcast breaks down impact of 2018 Farm Bill

hemp farm
February 7, 2019
Season 3 of Cornell Cooperative Extension’s “Extension Out Loud” podcast series kicks off by unpacking what the 2018 Farm Bill means for New York state farmers and agricultural stakeholders.

Active Learning Initiative funds nine projects

Students work together in Introduction to Evolutionary Biology and Diversity, an Active Learning Initiative course.
February 6, 2019
Innovative projects to enhance undergraduate teaching and learning in nine departments have received funding administered by Cornell’s Active Learning Initiative.

Study probes effect of virtual reality on learning

Andrea Stevenson Won, assistant professor of communication and director of the Virtual Embodiment Lab, uses a virtual reality simulator.
February 5, 2019
An exercise in learning phases of the moon conducted by the Virtual Embodiment Lab showed no real difference in learning between VR, hands-on and computer simulation methods. 

AI adjusts for gaps in citizen science data

Citizen science database
January 25, 2019
Citizen science databases can be inconsistent, but Cornell researchers have developed a deep learning model that effectively corrects for location biases, leading to more reliable predictions.

Cooperative Extension takes its message to Albany

assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, D-123rd Dist., New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Commissioner Richard Ball and Cornell Cooperative Extension Jefferson County Executive Director Kevin Jordan sample products at the Taste NY table as part of CCE advocacy visits.
January 24, 2019
Executive directors from Cornell Cooperative Extension county associations from across the state traveled to Albany Jan. 22 to meet with senators and Assembly members from their respective districts.

Historic building is hub for Cornell in NYC

 570 Lexington Ave
January 23, 2019
On Jan. 2, the School of Industrial and Labor Relations’ new New York City headquarters and conference center opened in the historic General Electric building at 570 Lexington Ave. Several other Cornell colleges, units and programs will soon be using space in the building.

U.S. economy’s current growth will peak in 2019

Steven Kyle
January 22, 2019
The U.S. economy has been on a long, slow upward trend for eight years, but a Cornell economist predicts that – like all good things – the steady growth will soon come to an end, likely by the end of the year.

Workforce expert helps NY ag respond to challenges

Richard Stup
January 11, 2019
Richard Stup, an agricultural workforce specialist in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, is working on ways to help New York state’s farmers tackle workforce issues.