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Visitors avoid national parks when air pollution is high

These side-by-side images of Shenandoah National Park show the difference in visual air quality when pollution is present.
July 18, 2018
Visitors tend to avoid national parks when air pollution levels are high, according to a Cornell researcher and his colleagues. The work suggests better air quality at national parks could improve human health.

Bt eggplant improving lives in Bangladesh

July 11, 2018
Bt eggplant is the first genetically engineered crop to be successfully introduced in South Asia. By reducing the need for pesticides, the crop is helping some of the world's poorest farmers feed their families and communities.

CALS Global Fellows program expands, opens to more majors

July 9, 2018
This year, for the first time, CALS Global Fellows Program participants include majors in entomology, information science, food science, plant sciences and interdisciplinary studies, enhancing the academic richness and reach of the program.

Partnership to assess pollinator-friendly solar farms

Scott McArt checks on honeycombs at Cornell's Dyce Lab for Honey Bee Studies in Ithaca.
July 9, 2018
Entomologist Scott McArt is partnering with a leading national solar developer on a groundbreaking study to determine the local benefits of wildflower plantings on solar sites in central New York and the Hudson Valley.

Moth provides hope against invasive swallow-wort

An adult Hypena opulenta moth
July 9, 2018
Pale and black swallow-wort are rapidly invading fields and forests across the Northeast, including New York, but a moth from the Ukraine holds promise to keep the weed in check.

NY high schoolers dig into food security issues

July 5, 2018
New York state high school students came to campus June 29 for the New York Youth Institute, an ambitious program that aims to build a core of young leaders to battle hunger around the world.

Summer Scoop a signal to stop and savor the moment

Student eating ice cream
July 3, 2018
About 400 staff, students and faculty took time June 28 to enjoy some of Cornell's most popular ice cream flavors at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences' annual Summer Scoop.

Fern’s sequenced genome holds environmental promise

The leaves of the fern Azolla filiculoides
July 3, 2018
A tiny fern may provide global impact for sinking atmospheric carbon dioxide and fixing nitrogen in agriculture, as its genome was sequenced by a Boyce Thompson Institute and Cornell scientist.

Scientists sic samurai wasps on stink bugs

Samurai wasp
July 2, 2018
Cornell researchers have released samurai wasps on 24 farms throughout New York to test how well they control brown marmorated stink bugs, an agricultural and household pest.

Everest climb a message for female equality

June 28, 2018
As dawn approached over the icy caps of the Himalayas on May 16, Deeya Bajaj ’16 made her final, exhausting push to fulfill a lifelong journey: ascending the summit of Mount Everest.

Dairy farmer Nate Chittenden receives first Hometown Alumni Award

June 27, 2018
To see why Nate Chittenden ’00 was the perfect choice to receive the inaugural Cornell University Hometown Alumni Award, you had to look no further than the beaming community of family, neighbors and friends who came to honor him June 23 in Stuyvesant, New York.

Carl Gortzig, professor of floriculture, dies at 87

Carl Gortzig ’52
June 11, 2018
Carl Gortzig, professor emeritus and chair of the former Department of Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture, died June 2 at the Oak Hill Manor Nursing Home in Ithaca at age 87.

Eight new trustees elected to Cornell board

June 8, 2018
At its May 26 meeting, the Cornell Board of Trustees elected three new trustees to four-year terms; four others were elected by constituent groups.

Colleagues collaborate to finish late geologist’s book

Gorges History: Landscapes and Geology of the Finger Lakes Region book cover
June 5, 2018
When Art Bloom died a year ago, five of the late geology professor’s colleagues collaborated with his family, local artists and others to finish his book that explains Ithaca and the Finger Lakes landscapes.

World War II ace earns posthumous award from Cornell

O’Neill in the cockpit of his P-38.
May 31, 2018
John O'Neill, a World War II fighter pilot from the Class of 1943, was officially made a non-degree alumnus of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences in a ceremony held during Commencement Weekend.