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This fact sheet written by Angela George and Lauren Ray, PRO-DAIRY Dairy Environmental Systems, was shared in the October PRO-DAIRY e-Leader newsletter, distributed to an email list of nearly 7,000 dairy producers, agriservice, and legislators.


PRO-DAIRY Dairy Environmental Systems has created a new fact sheet that gives an overview of three configurations of centralized systems for anaerobic digestion to renewable natural gas (RNG) that involve multiple dairy farms to achieve economy of scale. Key considerations and questions for discussion among participating dairy farms and the project developer for these systems are included. Additional fact sheets are planned that will cover certain aspects of each centralized system type in more depth.

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In an international, multi-institutional effort, Cornell’s Food Science Department will research how to increase iron and zinc absorption, thanks to a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant.

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Meet Kate McHale’24, an undergraduate in Global Development who is on a mission to increase youth engagement specifically as it relates to nutrition. As an eight-year alumna and current student leader of 4-H, Kate advocates for youth’s voices in...
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