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Practical solutions to pest problems on the first Friday of every month on zoom. 

Academic IPM Seminars

Each semester we offer a series of academic seminars on various IPM topics. 

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an old car tire with light gray spotted lanternfly egg masses on it


Now’s the time to look for Spotted lanternfly egg masses
SLF will lay eggs on any solid surface, including trees, tires—even lawn furniture. Scrape the eggs by putting them in doubled sealable bags, alcohol or hand sanitizer or by smashing or burning them. Fewer eggs this winter mean fewer SLF next...
  • New York State Integrated Pest Management
portrait of Janet Hurley


Lessons learned in Texas, including the implementation of School IPM Programs Integrated pest management (IPM) has been around for over 50 years and yet overall adoption and implementation is lagging. At the same time, the recent changes to the...
  • Integrated Pest Management
decorative image of many pests


Each month at our "What's Bugging You? First Friday" events, experts will share practical information and answer questions on using integrated pest management (IPM) to avoid pest problems and promote a healthy environment where you live, work...
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • What's Bugging You?
  • Gardening
A pitcher labeled IPM pouring liquid onto a squash plant inside a tent.


Hear from eight companies from different countries about how they use the Environmental Impact Quotient (EIQ) calculator and their suggestions for future features. EIQ is a Method to Measure the Environmental Impact of Pesticides The...
  • Integrated Pest Management


Speaker: Andy Senesac, Ph.D. Dr. Andy Senesac has worked for Cornell Cooperative Extension at the Long Island Horticultural Research and Extension Center since 1985. He earned M.S. and Ph.D degrees at Cornell University in the field of weed...
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Weed Science
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