MPS Students: Making an Impact

CALS MPS students are passionate about making our changing world a better place. Learn more about their stories – what inspires them, why they chose the CALS MPS and what their recommendations are to anyone considering the program. 

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MPS Student kneeling with soil

Tara Hammonds

MPS '18
Global Development

The MPS program is engaging, holistic, and exciting. It is a well-rounded program that not only prepares you extensively for your career, but makes you excited about the professional work ahead of you.”

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MPS Student Cat pipetting in a food science lab

Catherine Boyles

MPS '18
Food Science and Technology

"I absolutely loved getting to see the true passion that each and every faculty has for their respective fields of study. It’s especially fun with food science when that passion revolved around things such as wine and cheese."

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Chris Harris

MPS '18
Global Development - International Development

"Being exposed to a diverse and often contradictory set of perspectives on the same or overlapping issues was really what I enjoyed and valued most.  It encouraged critical thinking and individuality."

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MPS student Meghan Marchuk pipetting in a food science lab

Meghan Marchuk

MPS '18
Food Science and Technology

"The MPS program was the perfect way to gain foundational knowledge of Food Science without taking too much time away from my career."

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Rebecca Parkinson 

MPS '18
Global Development - International Agriculture and Rural Development

"The CALS MPS program has allowed me to take the time to think more deeply about global challenges and learn about solutions."

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Danielle Noce

MPS '17
Food Science and Technology, Enology

"My CALS MPS experience has given me self-confidence in my ability to take risks and challenge myself to cultivate the career of my dreams."

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Vipul Saran

MPS '17
Food Science and Technology

"At Cornell, I have daily interactions with the brightest and the most intellectual people. This pushes me to keep growing."

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Katrina Cariño

MPS '17
Food Science and Technology

"The network that you build as part of the MPS program is one of the program's greatest strengths. The Cornell network is very vast and it will help you go to different places. Cornell has a strong alumni relationship and they’re sincerely there to help you."

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Carson Letot 

MPS '17

"I am passionate about education first and foremost because I believe it leads to a society that is more informed and more responsible to the environment and fellow humans."

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MPS student MIchal portrait

Michal Matejczuk

MPS '19
Global Development - International Agriculture & Rural Development

“The faculty at Cornell are top-notch. Having taken courses across different disciplines, you get to meet a variety of professors who are experts in their respective fields that bring countless years of experience into the classroom.”

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Xianjia Zeng

MPS '18
Food Science and Technology

“I wanted to switch my career from quality control to pursue leadership positions. The one year Cornell MPS program was the answer as it is an efficient, knowledge-rich program.”

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Taylor Mattus

MPS '16
Horticulture - Viticulture

"The CALS MPS program allowed me to customize a program to meet my unique goals."

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