Student presenting problem-solving project results

MPS Problem-Solving Project

The degree candidate will prepare and submit a problem-solving project report under the supervision of their faculty advisor. The student and faculty advisor are responsible for the content and length of the paper. The Graduate School sets the minimum format for project papers. Grammar, punctuation, spelling and other mechanical issues are the sole responsibility of the student. A maximum of six-credit hours are awarded for satisfactory completion of this project paper.

Project Paper Formatting Requirements

The Formatting Guidelines includes the following:

Formatting Example available as downloadable template

Submission Process

  • Student must obtain final approval of their Problem-Solving Project for content from their faculty advisor.
  • The Problem-Solving Project must be sent as a word document for formatting approval to to verify that minimum formatting requirements are met. Response time is 2-4 days. Students working on a group Problem-Solving Project should copy the entire group when emailing the project for formatting approval.
  • When the student has advisor and formatting approval, the student will send a pdf of the project paper, along with their student ID number, to (CU Olin Library Copy Center, B41 Olin) to be professionally printed and bound. Library Copy Center staff should be informed at the time of order whether or not the student plans to provide a signed Approval of Master of Professional Studies Form (IARD ONLY). This form is placed after the title page of the project. Additional bound copies of the project paper may be required by the Field and by the research advisor.  Students should inquire with their Field for specific requirements. Students requesting a copy for themselves need to include a mailing address in your email. Fees will be charged to your bursar account after submission.  If you do not pay owed fees, a hold will be placed on your bursar account, and neither your transcript nor diploma will be released until all fees are paid. Bound copies will be delivered to the CALS Professional Programs and Extended Learning Office.  The signature of the advisor will then be obtained in the upper right hand corner of the Abstract page. The bound project will be submitted to Mann Library.
  • All students, except International Development students, must have their research advisors sign the Attestation Form and forward it to or send it to CALS Professional Programs Office, 212 Kennedy Hall. 


Problem-solving project formatting approval deadlines:

  • August 2, 2017 for August conferral date
  • November 29, 2017 for December conferral date

Problem-solving project library copy center submission deadlines:

  • August 16, 2017 for August conferral date
  • December 18, 2017 for December conferral date