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MPS Fields of Study

Choose what interests you from a wide range of fields and areas of specialization:

  • Animal Science
    • animal genetics
    • animal genomics
    • animal nutrition
    • animal science
    • physiology of reproduction
  • Biological and Environmental Engineering
    • bioenergy and integrated energy systems
    • bioenvironmental engineering
    • biological engineering
    • bioprocess engineering
    • eco hydrology
    • environmental engineering
    • environmental management
    • food engineering
    • industrial biotechnology
    • nano biotechnology
    • sustainable systems
    • synthetic biology
  • Food Science and Technology
    • dairy processing
    • enology
    • food chemistry/product development
    • food engineering
    • food safety
    • food science
    • sensory evaluation
  • Global Development
    • international agriculture and rural development
  • Horticulture
    • breeding of horticultural crops
    • controlled environment agriculture
    • horticultural crop management systems
    • human-plant interactions
    • physiology and ecology of horticultural crops
    • public garden leadership
    • viticulture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Natural Resources
    • applied ecology
    • community-based natural resources management
    • conservation biology
    • ecosystem biology and biogeochemistry
    • fishery and aquatic science
    • forest science
    • human dimensions of natural resources management
    • policy and institutional analysis
    • program development and evaluation
    • quantitative ecology
    • risk analysis and management
    • wildlife science
  • Plant Science
  • Soil and Crop Sciences
    • agronomy
    • environmental information science
    • environmental management
    • field crop sciences
    • soil science

Work with an advisor to design a specialized course of study.

Each MPS student selects or is assigned a faculty advisor. Students are not required to, but may form a committee by adding more faculty members to help him or her develop a comprehensive plan of study, consistent with the formal requirements of the degree. The advisor or committee also approves and guides the student's problem-solving project and appraises his or her progress by means of oral or written examinations.