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Fri, 10/02/2020 - 15:35
The folks who are actually working on preparing, growing our food, bringing it to market, they're
an absolutely essential and integral portion of our food system and, therefore, of critical
importance to Cornell University.
The Cornell Farmworker Program has the explicit mission
of working alongside farmworkers and their families and addressing their needs. Perhaps
the most pressing that of the large undocumented population who is seeking ways to understand
how to navigate within the current immigration enforcement environment.
There's a desperate need for legal services and so Cornell decided to address this issue
by connecting up the land grant side of the institution with the business school along
with the law school.
Thinking about where we had strength in our clinics in immigration
law and where there was a need in the local community - a farmworker clinic seemed like
an obvious addition.
Our business is a better world, and the work that our students do with
the farmworkers is transformative in our engaged curriculum. At land grant universities, we
should be thinking about how can they use their accounting knowledge as a public good?
This is the perfect combination of training students to support farmworkers as part of
a critical piece of their education.
A student is able to go into the field, to go to a farm,
to talk to a farmworker.