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Tue, 07/07/2020 - 17:39
hi my name is Adjoa Fosuhema-Kordie I am a senior human development major.

Well my name is Jesse Corona and I am a sophomore in CALS.

Hi my name is Rose Ippolito and I'm a senior majoring in global and public health.

My name is Johanna Gertin and I'm a sophomore in CALS studying environment and sustainability

my name is Stephanie Neitlich I'm a junior studying environmental science
and agriculture science. I came to Cornell because I was really
inspired by the mission of human ecology.

This summer I worked with the Cornell Cooperative Extension looking at farm stand research in Wayne County. I'm all about youth development but I'm also pre-med so I like medicine and health and this
was the combination of both so it's like okay this is perfect. Half my time is
spent with a nonprofit organization and they focus their work on racial justice
in the food system my other half my time was spent assisting a grad student at
Cornell with research. I really loved getting to meet different people.
It opened your eyes that there's a whole nother world of so many different

I wrote a few blurbs about hermaphrodites and hemp plants. I just
remember going into the summer being very hesitant of the experience but I do
think that the summer offered up the clarity I learned that I really enjoy
the community organizing and community development
I think I learned how to adapt to different situations and learn along the

I think it's a really great experience because not only do you have
the opportunity to contribute to cooperative extension's work you also are
learning at the same time and your gaining skills that are going to be
helpful to you in the future for me it's been probably the most impactful summer
I've had as a Cornell student