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Thu, 06/25/2020 - 10:49

>>SPEAKER: Cornell University is one of the world's leading
research institutions.

It's also the land grant university for New York state.

That means Cornell is dedicated to creating
knowledge that improves the lives of New Yorkers.

A vital way in which Cornell serves
New York is through Cornell Cooperative
Extension, a network of independent associations
located across the state.

Cornell Cooperative Extension translates
the latest evidence-based findings generated at Cornell
into practical knowledge, delivered
through research-based programs and services that reach some 2
million New Yorkers each year.

These include youth and family programs that
fight childhood malnutrition, build parenting skills,
and address challenges facing communities
such as opioid addiction, farm programs
to spur economic development by developing
pest-resistant crops, creating new markets,
and promoting local foods through farm-to-school and
urban agriculture programs, support services
for military veterans and their families, small business
development programs, environmental programs
to improve water quality and protect shorelines,
community partnerships to revitalize cities
across the state, and for 4H, a youth development program
that prepares today's young people
to be tomorrow's leaders.

Cornell Cooperative Extension addresses local needs
with its presence in every one of New York's counties
including New York City's five boroughs.

Extension associations in each county
are staffed by experts who live and work in their community
and engage directly with residents face to face.

While Cornell provides general oversight of the state's county
extension offices, each of them operates
as a subordinate government agency in its respective county
independent of Cornell.

So by design, extension associations
have the freedom and flexibility to focus on issues
that matter most to local residents.

Discovery and inquiry are at the heart of Cornell Cooperative

Working with local partners and Cornell researchers,
Extension experts identify vital community issues
and refine their programs to ensure maximum relevance
and effectiveness.

This way, knowledge and expertise flow
in both directions--
from Cornell to communities and vice versa.
CCE also engages with a robust network
of government agencies, community groups,
and local volunteers.

In other words, we're all in this together.
For over 100 years, Cornell Cooperative Extension
has been a trusted resource for generations of New Yorkers.
Its work is always evolving, but the mission remains constant--
helping residents, businesses, and communities thrive.