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Wed, 11/13/2019 - 13:26

SPEAKER 1: Coming here, sometimes you think you know everything. Cornell quickly teaches you that you don't. And I think it's a beautiful struggle we have as human beings, wanting to know so much about the world around us. To be hungry for knowledge.

SPEAKER 2: Being a critical thinker, knowing what questions to ask, knowing how to write a story, those are all skills that I honed at Cornell.

SPEAKER 3: As Cornell said, I would found an institution where any person can receive instruction in any study, is something that is very much alive day to day here.

SPEAKER 4: Being in a classroom environment where you get all of those different perspectives.

SPEAKER 5: When we teach, we are enabling rather than teaching facts.

SPEAKER 6: I'm walking around this campus. And while I'm studying philosophy or creative writing, there's somebody taking an industrial labor relations class. There's somebody doing veterinarian medicine. There's somebody working on architecture. All right here.

SPEAKER 7: When I teach, one of the things that I hope my students get is this curiosity that drives us.

SPEAKER 8: The difficult questions, those are the ones that are most worth pursuing.

SPEAKER 9: I met people from all over the world, people of all different backgrounds.

SPEAKER 10: The gorges, the waterfalls. To me, the campus is a metaphor for never-ending processes of evolution, transformation. Novelty is always around the corner.

SPEAKER 11: It's an elite school, but it's an inclusive school at the same time. And it lacks the sort of pretentious air of other elite institutions. And I think really gives it a distinctive identity, a distinctive culture that I find very appealing.

SPEAKER 12: This is a very tightly knit community of collaborative, interacting people.

SPEAKER 13: Cornell gave me the tools to be able to develop a career based off of something that you really, really love and be successful at that. That's really the best. It's like, what else could you ask for?

SPEAKER 14: There's always an opportunity to challenge oneself physically, socially, or intellectually.

SPEAKER 15: What we learn here, and what we do here, and what we discover here is much bigger than ourselves.

SPEAKER 16: Everywhere you turn, you find people doing stuff that's just at the cutting edge of what humanity is achieving.

SPEAKER 17: There's a special connection between me and every single student on campus. Because they're a part of the Cornell family. And that's what I'm a part of.

SPEAKER 18: That kind of learning that combines the world and the best of the Academy is truly exciting and transformative.

SPEAKER 19: I'm thinking of all these Cornell experiences, meeting and making some of the best friends in my life.

SPEAKER 20: I'm always going to be a Cornellian. And that's something really special.

SPEAKER 21: Elite and egalitarian. I'm just so proud to be part of the Cornell story.