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Thu, 11/07/2019 - 11:36
Hi, I'm Nathan Matthias. I'm an assistant professor in the Department of Communication and I study the governance of humans and machines online.

As technology and communication technology has become a basic part of our everyday lives, people are now turning to technology and technology companies to manage wider social and societal problems. Whether it's questions about discrimination or terrorism or the influence of technology in our democracies, people have lots of questions about the impact of these technologies in society and how these technologies are learning to react to us and shape our world when we think about the society we want to have and the role that the internet can play in it.

I often turn back to those hopes of having a world where people feel safe to be their whole selves and achieve together what their aspirations are, and that's something I see all the time when I talk to communities who are building conversation and contributing to things like Wikipedia.

And it's also something that I see lost when people have faced harassment or hatred or attacks on who they are and what they say online, and in my research I try to have the work really driven and its priorities driven
by people who are excited about and committed to creating flourishing spaces online.

Cornell walks the walk when it comes to bringing together diverse knowledge when I learned of that I was so excited to come here because I feel that my work in citizen science and understanding social change and online governance was a great fit for a community that cares about those things.

In the summers at least I've enjoyed sailing out on Lake Cayuga I have a past in English literature so I love reading and following up on the for sure from all around the world and you know I love the things that I study. I continue to enjoy exploring interesting corners of the internet and learning more about the world that way.