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Wed, 11/06/2019 - 14:56
My name is Daniela Scur and I'm an assistant professor at the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, so I work on management and productivity and understanding what managers do how they
make decisions about the types of practices that they're going to adopt in their organizations and the effect that that has on both the their organization's productivity and also other types of outcomes like labor outcomes and so on.

So I started working on management when I joined the this big project called the world management survey and that entailed interviewing a lot of managers from manufacturing firms under day-to-day activities and the management practices that they use in their firms -- and just listening to their stories and the differences across firms in how managers were choosing to manage their their organizations was quite fascinating.

Everybody has a story about a good a really good manager that helped them do really well, and a really bad manager who really made their life difficult. From real stories that we hear on what people have to actually deal with managers and management practices are just such an important part of that, that I really wanted to understand more about how those choices were made and I think it has a huge impact on productivity.

More generally, global productivity but also people's lives and the the outcomes that they have at work and that most people spend an enormous amount of time at work, so that's it's an
important subject to to understand much more deeply than we do now.