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Mon, 11/04/2019 - 11:35
Hi, I'm Diane Bailey I'm in the Department of Communication where I study technology work and organizing. I look at how people use technologies in the workplace and what kind of ramifications their use of technologies have for them in terms of their work in terms of the kinds of skills that they have to have in terms of their interactions with others, in terms of their identity or other consequences and outcomes that might happen for them at work or at home, or in society. When I talk about social justice informatics examples of the use of those kinds of technologies occurs in things like how we evaluate resumes for jobs and more and more of that might be done algorithmically before humans lay eyes on them and because that algorithm is learning from a set that it was given as examples there could be implicit bias that were not aware of, but that the technology picks up one and treats as truth and so it's going to replicate that implicit bias that we ourselves would be ashamed of if we realize that that's what we were doing as we evaluated resumes so we want to be able to build technologies in a way that we don't compound bias or replicate bias that already exists. I'm pretty thrilled with the idea of coming to the department of communication because folks here are tremendous scholars and many of their fields of research intersect nicely with my own so I hope to do a lot of collaboration here.