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Marissa Bell

Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Communication

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Contact Information

marissa.bell [at]


Bell, Marissa Z. (2021) Energy Justice, Nuclear Landscapes, and Consent: An Examination of Canadian Nuclear Waste Siting. PhD Dissertation. University at Buffalo.


Bell, MZ. (2021) Local recommendations and lessons learned from Canadian Nuclear Waste Siting: The importance of Contextually-Aware Practices. Policy Brief. 

Presentations and Activities

Parameters of Participation in the Construction of Nuclear Waste Siting in Canada. Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S). Toronto, Canada. October, 2021.  

Extension, Communication and Community Empowerment. 4th International Interdisciplinary Conference on Green Development in Tropical Regions (4th IICGDTR). Universitas Andalas, Indonesia. July 2021.

The Epistemic Tensions of Nuclear Waste Siting in a Nuclear Landscape. Science and Democracy Network 2021 Annual Meeting. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. June 2021.  

Spatializing Procedural Justice: Embeddedness, Fairness and Local Knowledge Mobilization in Nuclear Waste Siting. American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting. Seattle, WA. April, 2021.

Energy Geography: Future projections, possible directions. American Association of Geographers, April 2021.

Invited Panelist. A Regional Systems Approach that Expands the Reach of Geography to Collaborate with Stakeholders. American Association of Geographers, April 2021.

Nuclear Waste: Landscapes and Timescapes. Society for Applied Anthropology/Political Ecology Society, March 2021.