Publications and resources

Engaged scholarship

Work undertaken by R2G faculty and students collaborating with community partners takes many forms – urban planning and landscape architectural designs and reports, design creations, journal articles, book chapters, policy briefs, presentations, webinars and film/video. Additionally, building on their R2G work, faculty are generating engaged scholarship related to community development, service-learning, democratic design, resiliency, sustainable development, energy, and more. Some of R2G's works are retrievable here.

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Utica Design and Planning Projects

  • West2Green, West Side Utica Vision Plan and Report, 2016
  • Putting the Square Back in Bagg's Square: Sustainable Neighborhood Redevelopment Plans and Report
  • I have a Dreamscape: Sustainable Schoolyard Vision Plan, MLK Jr. Elementary School, 2012
  • Phase One: Edible Garden Plan for MLK Sustainable Schoolyard: Plans and Report, 2013.
  • Towards Creative Placemaking in Oneida Square Planning Study, 2013
  • Genesee Street Visioning Plans, 2013
  • Project Grow: Park Avenue Community Gardens for Refugee Community Plans and Report, 2013
  • One World Garden Design Vision Plans and Report, 2013
  • Kemble Park Project Plans and Report, 2012
  • Liberty Square Park and Alley Redesign Plans and Report, 2012
  • Chancellor Park Design Plans and Report, 2012
  • Blaikie, Heather. (2013). Green Infrastructure, Opportunities for Stormwater Management in Utica NY, Master of Environmental Planning and Design, University of Georgia, Masters in City & Regional Planning.
  • Ellman, Gwendolyn (2012). The Potential and Need for Wildlife Habitat in 21st Century Rustbelt Cities: Making a Case for Utica, NY, Masters in Landscape Architecture
  • Helmes, Benjamin. (2013). Food System Indicators for Oneida County, Masters of City & Regional Planning.  
  • Moreno-Long, Angela (2016 honors). Applying LEED Sustainable Neighborhood Development Project Honor Thesis, Utica, NY, Honors in City and Regional Planning,
  • Hermes, Sarah (2012 honors). Resiliency through Nature: Comparing Place-Based Biophilia among Somali Bantu Women in Utica, New York, Honors in Landscape Architecture.
  • Ferrara, Catie (2011 honors). Engaging the Community in Sustainable Urban Redevelopment: Observation and Recommendations for Rust to Green Utica, Honors thesis for Hamilton College in Environmental Studies