Supporting a vision for new research.

The Polson Institute provides resources to faculty for pre-reviews of research grants.


Faculty must submit a request form containing the following information in the application form provided:

  • The reviewer’s name and qualifications to conduct the review;
  • Information about the grant sought (amount requested, funding authority, application deadlines); and
  • A paragraph describing the grant proposal and project.

Grants must have a member of the department of Global Development as a Principal Investigator, and cannot be for funding competitions offered by Cornell. Reviewers must be external to Cornell. Individual faculty are responsible for choosing reviewers, confirming their willingness to complete the review within a specified timeframe, communicating with reviewers about expectations for the content of the review, and confirming with the PI that the review has been completed.

Range of award

Up to $500 per review (faculty may suggest a lesser amount), and up to a maximum of $1,000 per faculty member per academic year. Please note that reviewers must be external to Cornell in order for us to pay them.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

The Polson Institute requires a copy of the completed review in order to confirm services rendered and to send payment.