Get to know the Class of '22 Humphrey Fellows

The 2021-22 Humphrey Fellows at Cornell came from 11 different countries on 5 continents, each bringing a unique specialization from renewable energy and environmental law to agribusiness and rural development. 


Home country: Togo
Specialization: Entrepreneurship, agribusiness and small scale companies development

Jean Siboniyo headshot

Home country: Burundi
Specialization: Education, entrepreneurship, communication, social innovation and economic resilience

Edson Carneiro headshot

Home country: Mozambique
Specialization: Sustainable development, natural resources management, agribusiness

Kinga Csontos

Home country: Hungary
Specialization: Climate change, climate finance, green finance

Hazell Flores headshot

Home country: Nicaragua
Specialization: Agriculture and rural development

Andressa De Oliveira Lanchotti headshot

Home country: Brazil
Specialization: Fundamental rights, environmental law and sustainable development

Carlos Montenegro Pinto

Home country: Ecuador
Specialization: Environmental policy and climate change

Celia Nalwadda

Home country: Uganda
Specialization: Science for policy

Annette Nantumbwe headshot

Home country: Uganda
Specialization: Agricultural financing and financial inclusion

Pedro Pablo Rossi Guajardo headshot

Home country: Chile
Specialization: Legislative monitoring

Headshot of Batzaya “Zaya” Tsegmid

Home country: Mongolia
Specialization: Agriculture and rural development

Dmytro Zinkevych

Home country: Ukraine
Specialization: Renewable energy