Javier Hurtado Yow

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow, 2023-24

  • Home country: Panama
  • Specialization:  Sustainable Development and Environmental Human Rights in the Panama Canal interoceanic region
  • Current role: Assistant Professor at the University of Panama and Regional Manager at the Panama's Ombudsman office (Defensoria del Pueblo)
  • Education: Paris Tech Institute, Master’s in Environmental Management of Tropical Ecosystems
  • Connect: Email | LinkedIn

Javier Hurtado Yow is an Environmental Biologist & Educator with expertise in environmental sciences related to human rights. His goals revolve around enhancing capacities in natural resource and environmental management with a focus on human rights in the interoceanic zone of the Panama Canal. His aim is to create and develop initiatives and policies that improve the sustainability of socioeconomic and environmental conditions in provinces outside the capital of the country, including Colon, western Panama, and other regions.

His focus lies in protected area management, treatment of solid waste and sewage water impacting (marine) protected areas, and ecosystem restoration processes in regions heavily influenced by anthropogenic activities. He believes in incorporating local knowledge and involving more local people early in the pre-implementation process of initiatives and policies to increase the likelihood of achieving ecological and socioeconomic objectives defined for these projects. Through these endeavors, Javier aims to make significant contributions to environmental conservation, sustainable development, and the protection of human rights, not only in the interoceanic zone of the Panama Canal but also in other regions facing similar challenges.

While at Cornell, Javier aspires to establish a network of connections with organizations and professionals from the US and other countries. This networking would enable him to gain valuable insights into experiences from developing countries, particularly regarding the improvement and strengthening of governance in communities facing challenges like low technical capacities, limited income, insufficient human resources, and more. He intends to apply this knowledge effectively in remote areas far from the country's capital. Javier is keen to actively participate with American organizations, fostering an exchange of experiences related to creating plans within ecological, economic, and social contexts.