Promoting food security and economic growth by providing training and collaborative research opportunities to fellows from developing and middle-income countries.

The Borlaug Fellowship Program honors Norman E. Borlaug, the American agronomist, humanitarian and Nobel laureate known as the “father of the Green Revolution.” Borlaug fellows are generally scientists, researchers, or policymakers who are in the early or middle stages of their careers. The U.S. Department of Agriculture program connects fellows for a one-on-one mentorship at a U.S. university, research center or government agency, usually for 8-12 weeks. The U.S. mentor will later visit the fellow’s home institution to continue collaboration.


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Cornell Borlaug Fellows



Algeria, Bulgaria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Kenya, Mexico, Montenegro, Morocco, Rwanda, Serbia, South Africa, Uruguay and Zimbabwe

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Cornell faculty interested in mentoring a Fellow, please contact Polly Endreny Holmberg with a CV and proposed program including institutional capacity statement.

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Polly Endreny Holmberg
Polly Endreny Holmberg

Associate Director, Humphrey Fellowship Program; Training Program Coordinator

Department of Global Development

Polly Endreny Holmberg
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Professional development & training
Environmental sustainability
Community empowerment

Meet our recent Borlaug Fellows

Dr. Yemisrach Abebaw

Researcher, Ethiopian Agricultural Biotechnology Institute

Dr. Abebaw is working on agricultural biotechnology, including communications, advocacy, and regulatory dimensions.

Faculty mentor: Sarah Evanega

Alfayo Kayo

Senior Plant Health Inspector, Kenyan Plant Inspection Service

His research is focused on increasing adoption of genetically engineered crops and food in Kenya.

Faculty mentor: Geoffrey Jaffe