Improving and innovating food systems on a global scale

Cornell's International Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Studies (IAAS) believes that agriculture and global development are extremely broad, multidisciplinary fields. By providing a multitude of opportunities related to food systems and their role in development in Ithaca and on a global scale, we hope to help our members acquire a holistic understanding of food systems and to prepare them to create positive change in the niche they are passionate about most.

We are shaping the future of our food systems

As proud members of Cornell Global Development we are dedicated to improving and innovating food systems on a global scale.

As a community at Cornell, we provide opportunities to interact with and examine Ithaca and New York’s food systems through a variety of lenses (scientific, social justice, economic). Some examples of local opportunities include working with nearby farms, exploring nearby food processors, and connecting with local food systems stakeholders. IAAS Cornell is also committed to working in tandem with pre existing nonprofit organizations within the larger Ithaca community

Beyond Cornell, we are an affiliate of IAAS World, the world’s largest student-led agricultural organization with chapters in over 50 countries. IAAS was founded in 1957 by European and North African students with support from the FAO. These affiliations provide a multitude of international and national opportunities to interact with like-minded students and professionals. Recently, these opportunities have included IAAS World Congress, which was held in Turkey in 2021; UN Youth Summit; the World Food Prize Borlaug Dialogues; and IAAS Exchange Coordinator’s meeting, which was held in Guatemala in 2021.


Griffin Erich headshot

Major: Plant Sciences
Hometown: Hopewell Junction, New York

Tommy Acri headshot

Major: Plant Sciences
Hometown: Milford, Connecticut

Adam Sharifi headshot

Major: Environment and Sustainability
Hometown: Garrison, New York

Headshot of Jake Zajkowski

Major: Agriculture Science
Hometown: Maumee, Ohio

Faculty advisor

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Jeffrey Perry

Senior Lecturer

Department of Global Development

Jeffrey Perry
Extension Education
Teaching Methods
Youth Leadership Development