Ujjainee Sharma

Ph.D. Candidate, Development Sociology

Ujjainee has a double masters in Sociology (Delhi School of Economics 2012) and Development Studies (Institute of Development Studies 2014). She has worked as a researcher in several states in India over 6 years. During this time she worked on projects related to land conflicts, social protection programs, food security, and climate change. She also served as the Associate Editor of World Development Perspectives, a journal of international development.

She is broadly interested in interdisciplinary approaches to the study of environmental governance, rain-fed areas and 'climate vulnerability'.  She's interested in studying the impact of human responses to climate change. This has two components- one, to understand the way that abstract concepts related to climate change get translated to policy and how they are implemented. Two, she wants to study the impact of various climate change projects on communities and their livelihoods.

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