Lara Roeven

Ph.D. Candidate, Development Sociology

  • Research focus: The political economy of knowledge and technology; digitalization; history of agriculture and environmental history
  • Hometown: The Netherlands
  • College attended and degree earned: University of Amsterdam, BSc in Politics, Psychology, Law, and Economics (PPLE)


Lara Roeven is a PhD student in Development Sociology at Cornell University. She is interested in the political economy and history of 20th and 21st century agricultural science and technology. Her current research focuses on the use of digital technologies and big data science in agricultural research and development, and how it reshapes the production of agricultural information, what is understood to be agricultural knowledge, and how it affects the surveillance and regulation of labor, crop varieties, and landscapes. 


  • Farnworth, C. R., Bharati, P., Krishna, V. V., Roeven, L., & Badstue, L. (2022). Caste-gender intersectionalities in wheat-growing communities in Madhya Pradesh, India. Gender, Technology and Development, 1-30. 

  • Farnworth, C. R., Lecoutere, E., Galiè, A., Van Campenhout, B., Elias, M., Ihalainen, M., Roeven, L., ... & Monterroso, I. (2021). Methodologies for researching feminisation of agriculture what do they tell
    us? (Discussion Paper 02077). International Food Policy Research Institute.

  • Badstue, L., Farnworth, C. R., Umantseva, A., Kamanzi, A., & Roeven, L. (2021). Continuity and change: Performing gender in rural Tanzania. The Journal of Development Studies, 57(2), 310-325.
  • Badstue, L., Petesch, P., Farnworth, C. R., Roeven, L., & Hailemariam, M. (2020). Women farmers and agricultural innovation: Marital status and normative expectations in rural Ethiopia. Sustainability, 12(23), 1-22.

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