Kendra Kintzi

Ph.D. Candidate, Development Sociology

Prior to coming to Cornell, Kendra worked as a federal evaluator on renewable energy, grid development, and urban infrastructure projects across the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Originally from California, Kendra earned dual B.A. degrees in Development Studies and Comparative Literature from U.C. Berkeley. While there, she completed and honors thesis entitled “The Promise, Possibility, and Problems with Identity Politics and Articulations of Ethnic Citizenship in Post-1989 Hungary: The Case of the Roma,” and graduated with highest honors in Development Studies and high distinction in general scholarship.

Broadly, she is interested in political ecology, urban geography, critical race theory, and media and cultural studies.

Kendra's research examines renewable and smart energy development in the Middle East, focusing on transnational engineering and design practices and the production of urban space. Her work explores how communities experience and shape processes of ecological and infrastructural change, with critical attention to the social and geographical construction of climate, environmental, and economic vulnerability.

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