Camillo Stubenberg

Ph.D. Candidate, Development Sociology

Prior to coming to Cornell, Camillo worked as a consultant in rural development and impact research in the tri-border region of Austria, Switzerland and Germany. 

Camillo earned a B.Sc. in environmental resource management from the University of Applied life Sciences in Vienna, as well as a Ba.+Ma. degree in International Development at the University of Vienna. His master’s thesis entitled “Hard Standards Shaping Soft Concrete” studied the role of technical standards in an aid funded infrastructure project in northern Albania. After completing his studies in 2012 he worked in on energy, conservation and agriculture related development projects in Sierra Leone and Lebanon. 

Broadly he is interested in questions at the intersection of society, technology and the environment. Recently he has been curious about the promises and implications of decentralized infrastructures for life in the countryside. 

Camillo’s research examines the adoption of decentralized electricity technologies in Lebanon, focusing on the interplay of governance and infrastructural change.