Dolgorjav Jigmedsenge

MPS '22, Global Development
  • Hometown: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • Colleges attended and degree earned: University of Humanities: B.S. in Business Administration & Human Resource Management
What are the big challenges you want to tackle in the world?

I believe employment is the most powerful tool to empower people and resolve many other issues we face around the world. I would like to be part of the solution to address the following challenges in labor market: 

  • Urbanization, mobility challenges & vulnerable employment
  • Unemployment & shortage of experienced or skilled workforce
What were you doing before the MPS program?

Prior to joining MPS Program, I was working in human resources. The project I worked on for last 5 years is one of the biggest copper mining development projects in the world and is very significant project for my country in terms of employment and economic value that it generates. Through years of experience as HR professional, I got to know the challenges we have in labor market more in depth. These experiences in HR have built strong reasoning for me to pursue studies in Global Development.

What does global development mean to you?

Development means to me that resources are not misused and that conscious action is being taken to create opportunities for those in vulnerable situations that are created by a fast changing environment.

What has been the most memorable or impactful experience of your career so far?

I did research on StartUp Ecosystem while traveling through Asian countries for 6 months of time. Then, I started a nonprofit organization called Startup Generation Mongolia to contribute to capacity building in my own community. With my passion in teaching and program design, I have reached over 5,000 people through my workshops and events.

Tell us a fun fact about you.

I was 25 when I tried avocado for the first & I have not eaten one since then - I have my reasons.

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