Our Value Add

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations serves as the singular point of contact for industrial and corporate partners interested in working with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS). The objective of this office is to provide external organizations with unfettered access to the college’s faculty, research, and student body while also working to collaboratively explore the ways in which Cornell can complement the needs of interested companies and/or businesses.

CALS has tremendous depth and breadth in its academic foci. From the life sciences to the finance industry, with more than 300 faculty and countless research programs, tremendous multidisciplinary relationships can be developed to help drive innovation in partner companies; to recruit the most skilled and well-rounded students to enhance intraorganizational talent; to provide access to state-of-the-art research facilities; and to offer unmatched technology development and a wide-ranging intellectual property portfolio.

The Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations is the starting point for arranging corporate visits to the Ithaca or Geneva campus, where investigations of possible forms of collaboration can begin. In preparation for the visit, key departments and faculty will be identified and invited to participate in order to make time spent on campus as productive as possible. Additionally, where interdisciplinary interests lie, the Office of Corporate and Foundation Relations can assist companies in connecting with other colleges and units at Cornell, as well as provide the framework for establishing new sponsored research programs; exploring intellectual property ready for licensing; establishing recruiting pipelines; and developing alumni relationships for Cornellians working in the company.