Creative Ways to Give

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Each year, charitable gifts provide essential support for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. The following examples of opportunities to support the College address tangible needs such as equipment, travel funds, scholarships, furniture, and more.

The CALS Development Office is available to discuss various giving options, including gifts of securities, planned giving opportunities, and to answer questions about gifts to endowment. Requests for more information or questions related to making a gift in support of one or more of these priority needs should be directed to Sharon Detzer, Associate Dean, Alumni Affairs and Development, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at (607) 255-1915 or

CALS Annual Fund Needs You

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences relies greatly upon the generosity of alumni and friends.  Gifts of all sizes are important to providing significant program and budget support.  Dean Kathryn Boor is directing Annual Fund donors to support the college's highest academic priorities including; unmet undergraduate scholarship need, start-up costs for newly hired faculty, and internships for undergraduates.  All gifts at this critical time will provide essential support for students, faculty and academic programs. Give now!

Job Camp

Job camp prepares Communication majors for the job market with a boot camp for selected incoming seniors. Alumni and faculty join forces to create a comprehensive weekend of interactive activities, workshops, and inspirational and informative talks on how to prepare for a job search. This program, which prepares the most professional and organized Cornellians possible, needs support from alumni and friends.
$20,000 (Communication)

Internships: The Next Step

Funding for undergraduate experiential learning helps students explore their interests in a career field and gives them a chance to develop skills that can provide a competitive edge in a full-time job search.
$4,000 minimum (per student)

Collaborative Work in Progress

Create a customizable common space for Communication students to work collaboratively on academic projects and assignments.
$10,000 (Communication)

Honors Research Students

Support Communication honors students and their research by providing each student with a laptop. This opportunity supports the best and brightest students.
$1000 per computer (Communication)

Keep Our Campus Beautiful

Fund the purchase of plants used by horticulture students to beautify campus and allow them to gain valuable hands-on experience.
$2,000 (Horticulture)

Recruiting the Best and the Brightest

Fund a travel display for CALS Admissions that will be used by alumni and staff when they attend recruitment events.
$3,000 (CALS Admissions)

Student Flower Power

Support two undergraduates during the summer to maintain the gardens that were installed by horticulture and landscape architecture classes.
$2,500 per student (Horticulture)

Help Our Students to Help Others

Provide support to summer interns who are engaging communities in the development of useful tools related to entrepreneurship, land use, housing, and goal-setting.
$6,000 (Community and Regional Development Institute)

Food for Thought

The New York Youth Institute is a forum for high school students to develop their interests in global food security, sustainable agriculture, and environmental policies and practices. The Institute is affiliated with the World Food Prize's Global Youth Institute. Support a one-day program at Cornell for New York high school students and teachers as well as transportation to the Global Youth Institute in Iowa for select students and teachers.
The annual need for the Institute is $9,000. (New York Youth Institute)

Advancing the Use of Biomass Fuel

Help reduce Cornell's carbon footprint and support graduate research.   

  • Plant an acre of shrub willow that can be harvested every three years to provide carbon-neutral biomass fuel $1,000 per acre.
  • Sponsor the purchase of a drying oven to dry willow biomass from yield trials before weighing and chemical analysis $19,000.
  • Help finance the purchase of a willow harvester $65,000. (Horticultural)


Support Student Growth and Development

Provide the opportunity for educational and professional engagement.  Send an undergraduate student to a relevant, professional workshop or conference.
$750 per student (Communication)

Tools of the Trade

Give graduate students access to quality technology by providing computers for graduate commons areas.
$1,500 per computer (Communication)


Requests for more information or questions related to making a gift in support of one or more of these priority needs, please contact: Sharon Detzer, Associate Dean, Alumni Affairs and Development, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at (607) 255-1915 or