Rising Star Faculty Award - Natalie Bazarova

Natalie Bazarova
Natalie Bazarova, M.S. ’05, Ph.D. ’09

For Natalie Bazarova, the rise of social media presents compelling questions about the way people live, love and share online—and its impact on our health and wellbeing. Her work with groups including teenagers vulnerable to cyberbullying, older adults at risk of social isolation, and distressed students links behavior, impacts and interventions in this latest iteration of the human conversation.

Since joining the faculty in 2010, Bazarova has established a research program that has attracted more than $3 million in funding from sources including the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. As the lead researcher for the Social Media Lab, she has assembled a team to study behaviors including self-disclosure and privacy, personal relationships and technology, and group dynamics. The evolving portfolio of projects includes the bystander’s role in cyberbullying, social media and family communication, and support networks and chronic pain.

In the classroom, Bazarova’s strength in bridging the classical intellectual foundations of the field with the latest social media platforms is evident in her courses on Personal Relationships and Technology, Communicating Self in Social Media, and Mediated Interpersonal Communication. In addition, Bazarova has made it a priority to translate her research for the general public. Her ShareSoMe website includes information for families, such as FAQs for parenting in the digital age, as well as webinars for educators, developed in partnership with Assets Coming Together for Youth Center of Excellence.

Bazarova and her husband Ivan Bazarov live in Ithaca with their three sons, Samuel, Alexander and Matthew.