Outstanding Alumni Awards - Gary Dukart

Gary Dukart
Gary Dukart ’76

Fresh out of medical school, Gary Dukart pivoted away from patient care by taking a job in the pharmaceutical industry. More than three decades later, after playing a major role in bringing  four drugs successfully to market and helping steward others through clinical testing, he muses he likely has had a greater impact on patients than he would have had as a practicing physician.

Currently a private pharmaceutical consultant, Dukart was previously with American Cyanamid/Wyeth/Pfizer Pharmaceuticals until 2010, where he ran clinical trials, navigated regulatory affairs and eventually served as senior director for medical research/clinical affairs. Notably, he was a member of the Wyeth team that developed the first of a new class of cancer-fighting drugs, an accomplishment that earned the team a Heroes of Chemistry Award from the American Chemical Society in 2008.

Driven by his source of inspiration—seeing a drug he is working on helping patients—Dukart describes himself as fortunate to have participated in shepherding several drugs through to FDA approval. He credits Cornell with teaching him the value of perseverance and hard work, which proved essential in long process of drug development.

Dukart has served on the CALS Advisory Council since 2012 and has established two funds on campus: the Bonnie Smith Dukart ’78 Scholarship, honoring his late wife, and the Gary Dukart ’76 and Bonnie Smith Dukart ’78 Fund for Environmental Science at Mann Library. He lives in the greater Philadelphia area with his wife, Marlene, and he has a son, Brian; granddaughter, Cammie; and stepson, Brad.