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Liberty Hyde Bailey Leadership Society - Mission Statement

Liberty Hyde Bailey
Liberty Hyde Bailey

The Liberty Hyde Bailey Leadership Society celebrates the leadership of those alumni who in the past have demonstrated a commitment to the College and or the ALS Alumni Association. The Society strives to foster their continuing involvement in the College and Association.


  • Foster continued involvement from past alumni leaders.
  • Serve as ambassadors for the College and ALS Alumni Association providing wisdom, experience, stewardship, mentoring, and networking opportunities.
  • Support the College through advocacy.


Liberty Hyde Bailey Leadership Society is named in honor of the College’s Dean who founded the Alumni Association and secured New York State legislation establishing the College’s financial affiliation as a part of the State’s collegiate system.


Membership will include alumni and friends of the College who are:

  • Past ALS Alumni Association (ALSAA) Presidents
  • Past Outstanding Alumni, Young Alumni Achievement and Outstanding Faculty/ Staff Award Winners
  • Past ALSAA Board of Director Members who have served at least one full term
  • Life Members of the Alumni Association
  • Others as recommended by the Dean
  • Membership is conditional upon formal written acceptance of the invitation.


Funding for establishing and sustaining the organization will come from the ALS Alumni Association’s budget.


  • Semi-annual newsletter and periodic updates
  • Certificate
  • Annual Membership Reception

Additional benefits include the opportunity to network and socialize with other alumni and friends of the College, and to continue involvement in the College through participation in selected projects and programs.


There will be no by-laws for this Society. The Society will have a Chair, appointed annually in June by the President of the ALS Alumni Association and the College Dean.

Opportunities for Involvement by Society Members

  • Advocate for the College to local, state, and national legislative leaders.
  • Serve as mentors for new alumni leaders.
  • Advise the current ALS Alumni Association leaders on key issues such as increasing membership, effective programming, and leadership development.
  • Provide networking opportunities for current students and young alumni.
  • Serve as a new-graduate-lifetime-member mentor.
  • Personally connect with other alumni and friends of the College.
  • Serve as a local CALS contact in their area.
  • Recruit potential students for the College.